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Hi! I'm Max.

As a Software Developer with 7 jears of experience I'm passionate about building scalable and maintainable systems. In my spare time you can find me at the piano, in the gym, watching netflix, eating or sleeping. :D

I started my career developing plugins for the Timolia Minecraft Network in 2015. In 2017 i started a dual study at Hof University and training at Güttler Logistik GmbH. With the bachelors degree in my pocket at Spring 2022 i continued working at Güttler Logistik as a Full Stack Developer.

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As a full stack developer i am interested in different technologies in the areas of frontend and backend development, as well as databases and devops.

The listed technologies are sorted by passion descending.

Kotlin Backends Rest-APIs, Ktor, Ktorm, Koin100%
DevOps Debian, Docker, GitLab90%
MySQL CRUD, Grants, Replication80%
Vue TypeScript, JavaScript, Composition API70%
Android Kotlin, MVVM, Jetpack Compose60%
Oracle CRUD, Stored Procedures50%
PHP Dashboards, Scripting40%

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Max Großmann
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